Makeup Battle

Makeup Battle is the ultimate contest of brains, beauty and creativity. Each week, two makeup artists (MUAs) put their skills on display in front of a live virtual audience hosted by Picture Studios. The winners of the head to head battles will advance to the fashion show event to compete for $500.

  • July 2022 - Eight MUAs Begin The Tournament
  • August 2022 - Six MUAs Advance To Round 3
  • September 2022- Four MUAs Make The Finals
  • October 2022- Fashion Show In Greensboro
  • 4 MUAs Compete During The Fashion Show
  • Venue TBA - October 2022 (Greensboro)
  • Click Here For A Recap Of Last Year's Show
  • Makeup Battle (Season Two)

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    Makeup Battle (Season Two) is searching for contestants to compete in our makeup skills tournament and fashion event for a chance to win $500.


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    $500 Grand Prize


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    4 Slots Available
    • Hair Brands
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    • Skin Brands
    4 Slots Available
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