Episode 9 (Mikki vs Shelby)

About This Episode

This week’s episode of Makeup Battle (Season One) is the first matchup of the Victory Round. The winner of this battle will advance to the grand finale in Raleigh on October 30, 2021. “Pink Glitter” was the makeup challenge so both MUAs used the color pink as well as glitter in their makeup applications. Check out these amazing makeup looks created by Mikki Nicole (@iam_mikkinicole) from Thomasville, NC and Shelby Bailey (@sleigh_em) from Charlotte, NC. The episode begins with a makeup vlog where the makeup artists give you a behind the scenes tutorial showing how they created their look at Picture Studios. After the tutorial, each makeup artist then reveals their final look for the audience before being critiqued by their competitor.

Pink Glitter Makeup Looks

Pink Glitter Makeup Looks And Tutorial Videos On Makeup Battle

About The Show

Makeup Battle is the ultimate contest of brains, beauty and creativity. Each week, two makeup artists will put their skills on display in front of a live virtual audience hosted by Picture Studios. The winner of the head-to-head competition will advance to the next round for a chance to compete in our live fashion show event in October. The contestants are ready, so let the games begin!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the live event different from the show? During the live event, our makeup artists (MUAs) will display their designs in a fashion show format with a team of models on the runway and music on the main stage.

Where is the Van Dyke Performance Space? The Van Dyke Performance Space is located on the first floor of the Greensboro Cultural Center. The address for the venue is 200 North Davie Street, Greensboro, NC 27401.

I am a model that lives near Greensboro, NC!!! Can I walk the runway for the event? Be sure to apply online at www.picturestudios.com/contests

I love Makeup Battle!!! How can I become a contestant? Casting for Season Two is still underway. Visit www.picturestudios.com/contests

How can I register as a member of the press? Visit www.picturestudios.com/contacts